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Oklahoma City Thunder Makes Statement Victory Against Clippers

It was a night that Blake Griffin was largely silent and Kevin Durant elevated his game. In short, it was the difference between a team that has a lot to learn and another that's ready to seize their moment. The victory over the Clippers last night by the Oklahoma City Thunder was exactly the sort of statement the team needed to make against another dynamic young contender at a key point in the season. Welcome To Loud City has the scoop:

This game moves the Thunder 35-12 and helps them preserve their Western Conference lead over the Spurs, who also won tonight. It's also a big statement game heading into a really tough three weeks of action, where the Thunder will play 7 of 8 games against teams in the playoff hunt, including the Heat, Bulls,Lakers, Grizzlies, and Pacers.

Kevin Durant had 32 points and 9 rebounds and Derek Fisher had 5 points in his first game with OKC. Next up is the Minnesota Timberwolves.

For the latest news and notes on the Thunder, head over to Welcome To Loud City whileClipsNation has you covered for everything you need to know about the Clippers.