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Kobe Bryant Reacts To Derek Fisher's Move To The Thunder

Derek Fisher is still very close with his former L.A. Laker mates, especially one Kobe Bryant, who according to Hoops World, has kept daily contact with Fisher since his trade to Houston and subsequent waiver claim by the Oklahoma City Thunder. Now the former Laker loved by his former teammates is suiting up for the Western Conference's best team. The Laker response? Good for him.


"I expected that," Bryant said after the Lakers’ 109-93 win over the Dallas Mavericks. "The Thunder needed him, in terms of having a backup point guard who brings a lot of stability and obviously veteran leadership and an ability to make big shots. I could see that coming."

Pau Gasol:

"I’m happy for him because a really good team picked him up, they’re obviously first in the West right now," Gasol said. "I think Oklahoma got better, which is not good news for us."

Andrew Bynum:

"I think it’s perfect. I would have done something similar, I think, given the same situation."

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