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VIDEO: Blake Griffin Taken Out By Jason Smith In New NBA Bounty Program

The New Orleans Hornets are apparently running the NBA's first bounty program, or there's something in the water in the Big Easy. If you missed it, last night Jason Smith of the Hornets took out NBA superstar Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers in a ridiculously blatant attempt to not only take him out of the play but likely injure him as well. Griffin was definitely shaken up on the play.

It wouldn't be surprising if the NBA took action against Smith. If not, they definitely should. This is the sort of play that warrants a long suspension -- perhaps for the rest of the season. This sort of action is not only uncalled for and ridiculous given the possible injuries, but it also puts the NBA of the position of losing its marketable stars. Imagine how the Thunder would react if Kevin Durant were taken out in such a way. Check out the video below and tell us what you think.