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NBA Standings 2012: Thunder Three Games Up On Spurs In West Standings

The Oklahoma City Thunder begin a difficult stretch of their schedule Sunday night against the Miami Heat. The Thunder have won two straight and are 21-4 at home but are coming off of a 5-5 stretch. The Thunder are still on top of the Western Conference leading the San Antonio Spurs by three games.

Western Standings

1. Oklahoma City Thunder 48 36-12 .750
2. San Antonio Spurs 46 32-14 .696
3. Los Angeles Lakers 48 30-18 .625
4. Los Angeles Clippers 48 27-21 .563
5.Dallas Mavericks 50 28-22 .560
6. Memphis Grizzlies 46 25-21 .543
7. Utah Jazz 48 26-22 .542
8. Denver Nuggets 48 26-22 .542
9. Houston Rockets 49 26-23 .531

Another thing that the Thunder are keeping an eye on is the overall NBA standings which could give them home court advantage should they reach the Finals. Currently the Thunder trail both the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat in the overall standings.

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