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NBA Power Rankings 2012: Thunder Behind Bulls For Top Spot

The Oklahoma City Thunder showed the Miami Heat what's up over the weekend and sent a message to the rest of the NBA in the process. Tom Ziller still has the team at No. 2 in his latest NBA Power Rankings for SB Nation, however, as the Chicago Bulls dominate above everyone else. Still, Ziller cannot help but be impressed by the display put up by Kevin Durant and company against LeBron James and the Heat on Sunday night:

Well, that was quite a haymaker thrown by the Thunder on Sunday! The most frightening part of it for everyone watching was that Russell Westbrook was out of sorts. The question is whether the OKC defense can actually handle Miami's offense -- I remain skeptical -- or whether the Heat were just out of sync on the road.

The Thunder remain the best team in the Western Conference and perhaps Sunday night was a preview of the NBA Finals to come. If so, it should be an incredible series.

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