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NBA Power Rankings: Thunder Knock Heat Down

Bulls continue to put down roots at top. Thunder sit in second place thanks to the Heat.

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We have not had much shake up at the top of our rankings this season. we all know which teams are the cream of the crop and the rest are just trying to place.

1- Chicago Bulls (40-10) All of this winning they keep doing sans Derrick Rose is just scary. We are talking a Hannibal Lecter level and not some cheesy Chucky level.

2- Oklahoma City Thunder (37-12) The Thunder capped off an incredible week by hitting the Miami Heat with some Sweet Chin Music on Sunday evening. This past week saw the OKC boys manhandling the Clippers and playing the most entertaining game of the NBA season to date vs. the Timberwolves on Friday evening. If you have a free moment please check out the box score from that game.

3- San Antonio Spurs (33-14) "Don’t mind us. We are just enjoying our afternoon waiting for the playoffs to start."

4- Miami Heat (35-12) I am not worried about any lasting effect from the swift kick to the face the Thunder laid on the Heat. This upcoming week has three games that the Heat will win. If they go 1-2 this week then we will revisit this topic next week.

5- Los Angeles Lakers (30-19) The Kobes are taking advantage of the Clippers’ slide.

6- Orlando Magic (31-18) In case you forgot the Magic are still playing basketball this season. It’s easy to forget that when you have not heard any Dwight Howard being traded stories for a whole week.

7- Philadelphia 76ers (27-22) At least they are still in the top ten so things can’t be that bad. I am going to try and send some good mojo their way by wearing my Andre Iguodala shirt this week. Hopefully that does not result in him missing the rest of the season.

8- Los Angeles Clippers (27-21) These guys are lucky to be at #8. Not a strong week for the soon to be fired Vinny Del Negro. I keep waiting for Blake Griffin to look at Coach Del Negro and saying "Kia UVO, play fired!".

9- Denver Nuggets (26-23) I am buying in the Nuggets stock even though it is pretty low right now. You remember when Britta from Community was trying to motivate Jeff to quit being a lazy bum sleeping on Abed’s couch and she drops the classic line about a shining up a turd and it still being a turd? Well, if things continue for the Nuggets like they are insert that speech here. I could not find that clip online so instead we get one of my favorite Britta clips of all time.

10- Atlanta Hawks (30-20) Hawks have won 4 in a row, played in and won the first 4-overtime game in the NBA since 1997. (Crickets*crickets*crickets*)

Player of the Week:

Kevin Love PF Minnesota Timberwolves

He dropped 31 pts, 14.8 reb, 2.2 ast, 1.2 stl, 51-FG%, 46-3P %. He is the best power forward in the NBA right now. Blake Girffin might dunk more but K-Love is a more complete players. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!

Best Game of the Week:

Thunder at Lakers (Thursday 9:30 pm CST on TNT):

The Thunder are red hot and Derek Fisher makes his return to the Staples Center.

Worst Game of the Week:

Pistons at Cavilers (Wednesday 6pm CST):

Two teams just playing out the string.