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Dwight Howard Trade Rumors: Adding Howard Still A Risky Move For The Thunder

A report on Friday revealed that the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Orlando Magic have indeed discussed a deal to send Dwight Howard to the Thunder. At issue for the Thunder is the asking price. Orlando wants James Harden and Serge Ibaka in the deal. The Thunder would only be getting Howard through the end of the season, a rental of sorts. And therein lies the conundrum for the Thunder, as this report from Royce Young at the Daily Thunder believes adding Howard would make them favorites for an NBA title this year.

Trading away players for Howard stands in contrast to the team's m.o. of building long-term viability by drafting and developing young players. Having Howard walk away after the 2012 season would leave a huge hole in what is now a very good lineup.

However, with Howard on board for the rest of the season, the Thunder could fill that void with a championship banner, maybe.

Says Young:

Flags fly forever. The Mavericks are going to enjoy their title for the rest of time. And if acquiring Howard meant the Thunder would win a championship, that's what you do. You play to win that trophy and you win them one at a time.

He then points out the risk of not winning it all with Howard this year, a distinct possibility. Ultimately that leads Young to argue that the Thunder should try to win with what they have.