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Thunder Vs. Kings Halftime Score: Oklahoma City Up Big Over Sacramento, 58-39

The Oklahoma City Thunder are having no issues against the Sacrament Kings as they are up 58-39 at the half. The Thunder made their move to go ahead by nearly 20 points by finishing the second quarter on a 20-4 run. The defense for the Thunder has stepped up and had held the Kings to only 38 percent shooting from the field.

The offense for the Thunder has been strong tonight with Kevin Durant leading the way with 17 points and Russell Westbrook putting up 14 points at the half. The Thunder are just cruising in this game and it is a win they need to have to keep their lead over the San Antonio Spurs for the best record in the Western Conference.

The Kings are being led by Marcus Thorton who has 12 points at the break.

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