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Thunder Vs. Wolves: Minnesota Plays Without Kevin Love, Ricky Rubio

It’s a classic trap game. It’s the exciting hare facing an injured tortoise. Pick your analogy or slogan as you wish, but there’s no denying that tonight’s game between the tanking Minnesota Timberwolves and the first place Oklahoma City Thunder looks like it’s over before it starts. That’s enough to make anyone a bit nervous going in.

Royce Young over at the Daily Thunder writes, “The Wolves have dropped eight straight. They’re without Kevin Love, Ricky Rubio or Nikola Pekovic. They’re not playing well, don’t have much to play for anyway and are really just looking forward to the offseason. So in other words, this is a scary game.”

Our sentiments exactly. The Thunder have laid some eggs recently at the wrong times and this game could end up like that. Instead, the team could use some consistency, so here’s hoping Scott Brooks has his players ready to play despite the inferior level of competition.

The Thunder are currently first in the Western Conference playoff standings, one game ahead of the San Antonio Spurs.

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