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2012 NBA MVP Watch: Kevin Durant In The Hunt

Oklahoma City's Kevin Durant finds himself in the midst of the 2012 NBA MVP race.

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With the abbreviated 2012 NBA regular season winding down over the next week, the 2012 NBA MVP picture is starting to come into focus. It certainly surprises no one that Oklahoma City superstar Kevin Durant finds himself squarely in the hunt of the MVP race.

In ESPN's NBA MVP power rankings, Kevin Durant currently finds himself in second place behind Miami's LeBron James, who is vying for his third MVP trophy.

It's likely that Durant and James will finish 1-2 in the voting -- and it should be a pretty close race as well. Durant is averaging 27.8 points per game, 7.9 rebounds per game, 3.5 assists per game and even 1.2 blocks per game. James has gaudy numbers as well, averaging 27.1 points per game and 7.9 rebounds per game. James holds a decided edge over Durant in assists per game, as LeBron is averaging 6.3 assists per game.

Durant has just five games left to strengthen his MVP case. Durant will likely be able to help out his MVP case if he and the Thunder can lock up the top-seed in the Western Conference over the next week.

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