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NBA Rankings: Thunder Topple Bulls

Oklahoma City shows they are the king of the hill.

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The shortened lock-out season is drawing to a close and there are four teams making reservations in the Conference Finals.

1- Oklahoma City Thunder (40-12) The Thunder had quite a week. This team is becoming a group of grown men and no team in the Western Conference wants any part of the Thunder right now.

2- Chicago Bulls (42-12) The Bulls were bound to lose a few games with Derrick Rose sitting on the bench. They are still a really good team who just had a rough week.

3- San Antonio Spurs (36-14) We are getting close to running out of adjectives to describe their awesomeness. They are as consistent as the sun rising and paying taxes. Unless you are Wesley Snipes, then the tax part does not apply.

4- Miami Heat (37-14) So this is what it looks like when the Heat comes back to Earth. That or this is what it looks like when they are bored and uninterested.

5- Los Angeles Lakers (33-20) They can never have just a nice, easy going, normal week. I am glad Kobe Bryant was able to recover after Russell Westbrook snatched his ACL from him.

6- Los Angeles Clippers (31-21) Lob City has righted the ship and was finally able to solve the Phoenix Suns riddle too.

7- Boston Celtics (30-22) Remember when people in Boston wanted to unload Rajon Rondo?

8- Orlando Magic (32-21) I can’t remember a team that looks so bad in blowouts while also looking so good at times. The Magic is blown out more than a teenage girl’s hairdo in 1987.

9- Denver Nuggets (29-24) Thank you Nuggets for making me look smart on the buy-low mindset. I will pay back the favor very soon.

10- Philadelphia 76ers (29-23) Remember when the Sixers were leading the division and were on cloud 9, like a month and a half ago?

Player of the Week:

Russell Westbrook PG Oklahoma City Thunder

In three games this past week, Westbrook stepped up his game going for 31.6 pts, 2.3 reb, 6.3 ast, 3 stl, and had 3 total turnovers. His performance during the 3rd quarter vs. the Lakers was a beautiful and powerful display.

Best Game of the Week:

Thunder at Heat (Wednesday 7 pm CST on ESPN):

Thunder is the hottest team in the NBA and roll into South Beach. Look for the Heat to remember how they were embarrassed in OKC a short while ago.

Worst Game of the Week:

Hawks at Bobcats (Saturday 7pm CST):

I look forward to many ill-advised jump shots taken in this game.