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Thunder Vs. Grizzlies: Scott Brooks Says OKC Playing 'Best Defense Of The Year'

The Oklahoma City Thunder are creating a brand new tier all to themselves at the top of the NBA standings this season as they continue to move past every opponent with ease. Sunday night they took the Chicago Bulls, leaders of the Eastern Conference, to school in a dominant 92-78 win that had head coach Scott Brooks singing his team’s praises.

“We played our best defense of the year,” Brooks said. “I like the way the guys got after the basketball. They challenged every pass, they challenged every shot.”

Currently the Thunder are 40-10 and winners of 6 in a row. They’ll try to further that streak tonight against the Grizzlies on the road at Memphis. The Grizzlies, meanwhile, are 28-22 and hoping to stave off the rest of the playoff hopefuls in the lower tier of the Western Conference contenders.

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