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2012 Western Conference NBA Standings Update

The Oklahoma City Thunder are headed back to the NBA playoffs -- this much, we already know. Oklahoma City's seed in the Western Conference is still unknown, though, and it could either be No. 1 or No. 2, depending on what happens this week.

If the season ended on Saturday morning, the Thunder would be the No. 2 seed. Oklahoma City currently trails the San Antonio Spurs by one game in the loss column. The Spurs have four games remaining: two home games against Cleveland and Portland and two road games against Phoenix and Golden State.

Oklahoma City has three remaining games, a road game against the Lakers and a pair of home games -- one against the Sacramento Kings and one against the Denver Nuggets.

The bottom half of the Western Conference seeding is also unknown. Currently, the Dallas Mavericks are the No. 6 seed, the Denver Nuggets are the No. 7 seed and the Phoenix Suns are the No. 8 seed -- but only Dallas has clinched a playoff spot among those three teams. The Thunder could end up playing any of those three teams, or even the Utah Jazz, in the first round of the NBA playoffs.

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