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Magic Johnson: Metta World Peace's Play On James Harden Was 'Intentional And Cheap Shot'

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By now, the elbow heard ‘round the NBA world that Metta World Peace laid on James Harden has not only earned an injury update, an apology and commentary but now others are beginning to weigh in with their opinions. Former Los Angeles Lakers star and NBA Hall of Famer is one who believes that Metta World Peace purposefully put his elbow to Harden’s head and caused a concussion for the Thunder star. World Peace would like to differ.

From the USA Today report, "ABC/ESPN’s Magic Johnson, the Lakers’ Hall of Famer, said of World Peace’s play, “It was intentional — and a cheap shot.”

The play came in today’s double overtime win by the Lakers over the Thunder where World Peace hit Harden with an elbow that dropped the guard to the ground. After the game, the enigmatic Lakers forward apologized for his actions and gave further commentary on Twitter saying he didn’t even see Harden. However, he has his doubters.

Given World Peace’s history in the NBA, it’s not surprising he has his detractors. No matter what he changes his name to, he’s not likely to shake his violent image from the memories of NBA fans. Apparently that extends to former players as well.