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Oklahoma City Thunder's Guard-Heavy Line-Up Could Cost Them In NBA Playoffs

The Oklahoma City Thunder have been tanking at the wrong time lately. The double-overtime loss on Sunday night to the Los Angeles Lakers was just the latest game where they were unable to beat a playoff caliber opponent, and the team's momentum that took them to the top of the Western Conference seems nowhere to be found. As they get ready for tonight's game against the Sacramento Kings, ESPN's Austin Link writes that the team might not have the right line-up to make it all the way to the finals due to the physical nature of the game.

Link writes, "As a young, guard-oriented offensive juggernaut, the Thunder are one of the NBA's most exciting teams. Unfortunately for them those same traits make them more vulnerable in the playoffs. The Thunder made a move last year that could have remedied their struggles down low, bringing in Kendrick Perkins at the trade deadline. While he was a productive center with Boston, he has struggled mightily this season, putting up a minuscule 8.6 PER (league average is 15.0). Unless he steps up in the playoffs, Kevin Durant's crew might be destined to once again end its season just short of the Finals."

The incredible athleticism and young talent on the team is something most teams in the NBA would love to have, but there's no denying the smart, physical nature of the playoffs and OKC will have to step up their game. Then again, so will everyone else.

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