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Thunder Vs. Kings Score Update: OKC Trails Sacramento 59-57 At Halftime

Playing for the first time since Sunday's double-overtime loss to the Los Angeles Lakers, the Thunder continue to struggle, trailing the Kings 59-57 at halftime in Oklahoma City.

But locked into the No. 2 seed in the Western Conference, the Thunder might be better off making sure the team is as healthy as possible. Kevin Durant has 20 points in 19 minutes. Russell Westbrook has 11 points in 18 minutes, shooting 3-for-11 from the floor. We'll see how much they play in the second half.

Kendrick Perkins has 10 points and five rebounds. The issue for OKC has been the defense. The Kings are shooting 58.1 percent from the floor. DeMarcus Cousins leads Sacramento with 16 points. The Thunder are 25-6 at home this season.

Thunder guard James Harden was not clear to play tonight after taking an elbow to the head from Metta World Peace in Sunday's game. World Peace was suspended by the NBA for seven games today.

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