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James Harden Injury Update: Harden Is 'Feeling Good'

James Harden's recovery seems to be coming along nicely. After being concussed by Ron Artest's Metta World Peace's violent elbow to the head, Harden took to twitter to let Oklahoma City Thunder fans know that he is feeling better and seemingly improving.

Harden sent that tweet out on Tuesday, and according to Harden's all-world superstar teammate Kevin Durant, Harden has shown even more improvement on Wednesday. Durant is confident that Harden will be back for the playoffs, where they'll likely face the defending champion Dallas Mavericks in the first-round.

As for World Peace, he was given a seven-game suspension by the NBA for the violent elbow. That suspension will carry over into the playoffs, so the Lakers will be shorthanded in the first round -- and possibly in the second round for a couple of games.

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