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James Harden Promises Not To Be Hesitant Versus Mavericks

The Oklahoma City Thunder need James Harden to achieve their championship dreams. That, is a fact.

Following the colossal elbow that Harden received from the Los Angeles Lakers forward Metta World Peace last week, Harden was ruled out with a concussion and the symptoms that come along with it. With concussions, some people cannot get back on the court as quickly as they'd like to, but Harden's health has been deemed okay by the team's doctors. Harden's focus is "not hesitating" when he gets back on the court, and be the same player he was prior to Elbow-gate.

Harden's first game back in action will be on Saturday night, as the Dallas Mavericks prepare to defend their NBA title as the West's No. 7 seed. This is the rematch of last year's Western Conference Finals, and if the Thunder's third-leading scorer has anything to say about it, they won't be defending that title too much longer.

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