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VIDEO: Kevin Durant's Game-Winning Shot Versus The Dallas Mavericks Is A Thing Of Beauty

Through the first three games of the NBA Playoffs we got caught with haymakers. Derrick Rose blew his ACL out at the end of the Chicago Bulls vs. Philadelphia 76ers matchup. Iman Shumpert blew his ACL out during the New York Knicks vs. Miami Heat game. Then the Indiana Pacers and Orlando Magic game happened, did you see the end of that game? Truly uninspiring.

So we get to the Dallas Mavericks and the Oklahoma City Thunder, surely this game can be exciting and end on a positive note, right? Of course it could. Thank you Kevin Wayne Durant.

Mavericks up one, Kevin Durant gets the ball, and the magic the form of an ugly, egregious, monstrosity of a jumper. The most beautifulest thing in this world, its just like that. (Shoutout to Keith Murray)

Game 2 is Monday night at 8:30pm Central Time. Can't wait.

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