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Thunder Vs. Mavericks: Shawn Marion Calls Kevin Durant's Game-Winner A 'Lucky Bounce'

Shawn Marion is ready to dispel any notions of Kevin Durant as a major hero. Despite his game-winning jumper in game one at the last second that sent the Oklahoma City Thunder up 1-0 in the win column over the Dallas Mavericks, the Mavs forward wasn't giving any credit to the OKC star. Instead, he called it a "lucky bounce" and seemed to look forward to game two.

"Personally, he couldn't even see the basket on his last shot," Marion said following the Mavs' morning shootaround. "If you go 10 for 30, what the hell? Y'all just remember that one shot. How many easy buckets did he get last game? Fast-break dunks? How many shots did he shoot with a contested hand in his face that he hit? That's what you got to factor in. OK, yeah, he hit a game-winning shot. OK, I mean that was a tough-ass shot, lucky bounce.

"If he missed that then what, what are y'all saying, he needs to stop shooting, pass the ball? Everybody's all saying these positive things. At the end of the day they got a win. Hey, it's Game 2 tonight."

It's an unsteady comment that surprises since the Mavs know all too well who the more mature, experienced team is here. You'd expect a team that just won the finals to do all of their talking on the court, but Marion apparently took serious issue with the heroics talk surrounding Durant. Both teams can speak the loudest tonight during game two, so it only adds further intrigue for a series that, frankly, didn't need any. This level of talent speaks for itself.

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