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Thunder Vs. Pacers Halftime Score: Indiana Up Big Over Oklahoma City, 56-41

Ever since the Oklahoma City Thunder defeated the Chicago Bulls this past Sunday their fortune has turned and they have lost two in a row, and if they keep their pace up tonight against the Indiana Pacers they could have their first losing streak of three games this season.

At the half the Thunder are trailing the Pacers 56-41, and part of that has to do with Russell Westbrook shooting only 1-of-8 from the field with three points. Also, James Harden who is typically the teams third scorer only has five points. As a team the Thunder have been held to 42 percent shooting.

The one offensive player that is doing well for the Thunder is Kevin Durant who has 16 first half points on 8-of-12 shooting.

As for the Pacers offense they are shooting 54 percent from the field and have already gone to the free throw line 20 times while making 16 of them.

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