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Scott Brooks Says Thunder Players Will 'Bounce Back' After Third Straight Loss

Scott Brooks is not happy. As of the last three games, the Oklahoma City Thunder's head coach has no reason to be,. With the team's first three-game losing streak of the 2011-12 NBA season as of this present moment, the team suddenly feels susceptible or even vulnerable. They can be beaten and apparently it can be done multiple times in a row. That sound you hear is the rest of the league licking their chops.

Yet for all of the frustration of yet another loss, this time to the Indiana Pacers, Brooks ultimately believes that Kevin Durant and company will bounce back. Conventional wisdom says you should agree given the amount of talent on the roster.

"We knew going into these last number of games that we were going to have to play well to get some wins," said Brooks. "Our guys are going to bounce back. That's how they are."

When asked how his team will do just that, Brooks had some fairly complex analogies.

"We just got to play better. We got to start the game better. We got to play every possession better. We got to end quarters better. We got to come out in the second half better."

That's one way to put it. The Pacers created match-up issues for the Thunder all night, and apparently others will look to do the same. OKC must adjust if they are going to go far into the playoffs and possibly take the title crown. They can ill afford to coast on their youth and talent.

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