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VIDEO: Kate Upton Helps The Oklahoma City Thunder With Their Training

Supermodel Kate Upton is basically everywhere right now. She's on the cover of Sports Illustrated, she's in that MLB 2K12 commercial that we'll all have seen roughly eleventy billion times by mid-May, she's selling cheeseburgers by the side of the road, she's all over the place. You can't visit a website or turn on a talk show without seeing her doing "The Dougie" or something. So it was really only a matter of time before she popped up here on SB Nation Kansas City. Upton recently visited the Oklahoma City Thunder and helped them with their workout.

With a hat-tip to With Leather, here's the video of Upton participating in "Take a Supermodel to Work Day" with Kevin Durant and James Harden.

It's a cute video, but after watching it, I get the impression that either Kevin Durant is a true professional, or he may genuinely dislike Upton.

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