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Oklahoma City Thunder Announcer Jim Miller Held On Bond For Lewd Conduct With Minor

Jim Miller was officially removed from his post as the Oklahoma City Thunder’s PA announcer yesterday, and it’s clear that the news is not going to get any better for the high school teacher. As the 2012 NBA Playoffs roll on and the Thunder await their next opponent, they are also having to deal with the drama of having someone charged with lewd conduct on their staff. According to local talk radio station KRMG, Miller is currently being held on $30K bond.

According to court records Miller forced the kids to watch him perform obscene acts while he watched pornography on his computer. Miller says the kids walked in on him by accident. Two of the children say there was also sexual abuse involved.

KRMG news obtained court documents that show a protective order was filed against Miller by Becky Dawn Miller in April of 2012. Protective orders were also filed on behalf of Kylie Marie Miller and Manessah Dawn Miller as well. Becky Miller is Jim Millers ex-wife.

The Thunder face the Lakers or the Nuggets in the second round.

You can stay up on the situation at the SB Nation Thunder blog Welcome To Loud City.