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Metta World Peace Returns: Could James Harden Vs. MWP II Be Next?

Metta World Peace a.k.a. Ron Artest has served his punishment as his seven-game suspension that was dealt by the NBA is now over. The Los Angeles Lakers will look to get their mercurial forward back integrated into the lineup and their strategy as game seven looms on Saturday night versus the Denver Nuggets.

What does game seven mean to Ron-Ron and fitting back in with the Lakers? Glad you asked:

"(Saturday) is more about, kind of like all bets are off. All in. Whatever we have to do as a team. It's not about what I can and what I can't do. It's about really what I'm going to do."

On what playing in game seven means to MWP:

"Every series is seven games, that's just the reality of the NBA playoffs. That's why it's so exciting. It's exciting, seven games. It's just a part of the playoffs. That's why NBA is entertainment. Seven games is entertainment for the people. For us, we just go out there and play and do what we got to do."

If the Lakers can pull off the victory on Saturday night, then the prospect of a rematch (so to speak) between World Peace and James Harden seems inevitable. Prepare for the storylines to flow to no end about the elbow, the suspension and all the drama that comes along with it. This could get interesting.

However, the Lakers still have to win versus the Nuggets. Lets see how that works out first.

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