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Kobe Bryant Calls Derek Fisher A 'True Inspiration' For Lakers

While there's some bad blood in the water between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Los Angeles Lakers when they meet later this week to start their second round series, two players who won't be at odds are Kobe Bryant of the Lakers and Derek Fisher, now the back-up point guard for the Thunder. Fisher spent a number of seasons with LA and Kobe says seeing him will be like seeing family.

"It's like brothers," Bryant said of Fisher. "You compete with your brother. Somebody has got to win, you rather it be you. Somebody has got to have bragging rights in the summer time. In terms of what he brings to the team, his experience, his leadership. I don't really know what their locker room dynamics are over there but with us, he was a true inspiration for the entire ballclub."

In total, Fisher played most of 13 seasons with the Lakers in his career in addition to smaller stops with Golden State and now OKC. There's no doubt that many in the Lakers franchise have a lot of love and support for Fisher.

Fisher has averaged 4.9 points per game with the Thunder this season.

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