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Kobe Bryant Says Staying Patient Is Key After Blowout Loss To Thunder

When a team loses by nearly 30 points in the second round of the NBA playoffs, there's typically something wrong on the losing end that goes far beyond the box score or a bad night. Kobe Bryant begs to differ.

Instead of hanging his head or complaining about the 119-90 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder last night by the Los Angeles Lakers, Bryant, who scored 20 points, knew he just needed to be calm and collected and come back ready to play on Wednesday at Chesapeake Energy Arena.

"We're going to have to make our adjustments," Bryant said. "We'll talk about it today and tomorrow. I've been on the receiving end [of playoff blowouts]. I've also been on the end we're dishing it out. My experience is telling me to stay patient and think the game through. We can come up with a different strategy."

Bryant would certainly have reason to complain. For a head coach supposedly on the hot seat during round one, Mike Brown isn't doing anything to temper those calls for his head. The adjustments weren't there from the outset against the Thunder and OKC looked thoroughly more prepared despite the lack of experience.

Bryant and company have Tuesday off to practice and rest before tomorrow night's game two.

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