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Thunder Vs. Lakers, 2012 NBA Playoffs: World Peace 'Not Concerned' With Durant's Numers

While many players are reluctant to talk to the media after the type of blowout loss the LA Lakers suffered in Game 1 to the Oklahoma City Thunder, Metta World Peace has never been someone who could walk away from an open mic.

Peace's main assignment in this series is Kevin Durant, and he was lit up to the tune of 25 points on 8-16 shooting on Monday night. However, he insisted that he's not all that concerned with Durant's offensive production in an interview Tuesday with The Oklahoman:

"Durant has a great gameplan over there on the offensive end," World Peace said. "And his teammates are setting great screens. They're doing a really great job as a team. That's why I'm not as concerned with the numbers he's getting. It's more about what the team is doing."

The problem is that the Thunder have been screening LA's big men, who are reluctant to defend the pick-and-roll, to free up Durant and the Lakers haven't had the overall team speed on the perimeter to compensate.

And even if Peace isn't concerned, you can bet that Mike Brown is.

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