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Steve Blake, Metta World Peace Among Key Supporting Lakers In Game 3 WIn Over Thunder

Kobe Bryant was the celebrated hero for scoring 36 points, but it’s hard to ignore just how spread the rest of the scoring was for the Los Angeles Lakers at a key point when the team needed the supporting cast to step up. Against a team like the Oklahoma City Thunder who can beat you in so many ways, it was important for the Lakers to do the same.

Enter Steve Blake, Metta World Peace and several other players who played their best game of the series. The writers over at Welcome To Loud City saw it the same way:

You’ve also gotta credit the Laker supporting cast with stepping up tonight. Steve Blake was nearly perfect offensively after blowing a huge shot in Game 2, and wasn’t too much of a defensive liability. Metta World Peace hit some key free throws. Ramon Sessions pretty much fueled the Lakers in the first, cutting through the Thunder defense like cheese. Lastly, Jordan Hill had a couple of really epic blocks at the rim.

In such a close game, the importance of every play and every player is heightened and the Lakers certainly stepped up. While the officiating was awful, both teams must do what they can to win and the Lakers certainly did that.

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