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Scott Brooks Praises Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook For All-NBA Honors

Scott Brooks has plenty of praise for Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. As the two Oklahoma City Thunder stars were announced as members of the All-NBA first and second teams respectively, their head coach stated some of the reasons why they are elite players in the league.

Currently the Thunder are awaiting the first game of the Western Conference Finals against the San Antonio Spurs. If they are going to make it to the NBA Finals, it will be largely on the shoulders of these two players.

“Russell is as talented as any point guard in this league,” Brooks said of his star point guard. “He’s quick, he’s powerful, his mid-range game is good. He takes it to the basket and finishes around the rim over bigs and through defenses. Then his three point shot, you have to respect it… Russell makes us very good with what he does with his talent and his skills and his work ethic. His determination, it’s hard to control, and he attacks and he’s forceful.”

As for Durant, Brooks noted just how dominant the NBA scoring leader is in all facets of his game.

“Kevin’s a great defender,” Brooks said. “That’s what makes him a special player. He can play both ends of the floor. Kevin has really improved as a two-way player, and I think that is what over the last three years has taken our team to a different level and it takes his game to a different level.”

The Conference finals kick off on May 27th.

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