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VIDEO: An Eerie Comparison Of James Harden And Manu Ginobili

The gold standard for what a sixth man is in the NBA has been Manu Ginobili for years. Crafty, explosive and intelligent on the court. Its what any team would want for their best player off the bench. The San Antonio Spurs have been spoiled with such an asset for over a decade now, and the Oklahoma City Thunder seem to have the heir apparent for such a player in James Harden.

Ginobili and Harden are eerily similar, and it seems that the former Arizona State guard recognized the similarities way back before he even entered the league.

Courtesy of Royce Young of the Daily Thunder, check out this dope video compilation of Ginobili and Harden. Are these dudes twins or what?

We'll find out how these two compare against each other on Sunday night, as Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals begin in San Antonio.

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