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Thunder Vs. Spurs: Oklahoma City Disappointed With Fourth Quarter Performance

The opportunities to win the first game of the Western Conference Finals were there for the Oklahoma City Thunder, and afterwards Kevin Durant discussed one that got away.

"It’s tough," Durant said. "We had this game going into the fourth. It’s tough but we can’t hang our heads, man. It’s a long series. We have to keep playing, try to get Game 2."

The San Antonio Spurs outscored the Thunder 39-27 in the final quarter, and the Oklahoma City offense stalled in some of the game's biggest moments.

"We stopped moving the ball," said James Harden. "I think in that third quarter we did a great job of moving the ball and getting their defense to move a little bit by hitting wide open shots and wide open layups. In the fourth we kind of slowed that down and they got a couple of easy transition buckets."

Game Two of the series will tip off on Tuesday.

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