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NBA Playoffs 2012: Thunder Defeat Mavericks 95-79, Rick Carlisle Frustrated

The Dallas Mavericks are frustrated. They have been for their entire first round series against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Now their emotions are at an all-time low after losing at home in the third game of the series 95-79.

The first two games of the series could have gone in either direction. Kevin Durant won the opening game on a buzzer-beater and Shawn Marion was questioning Durant's heroics after the game with frustrated quotes about his shooting percentage and how easily he could be derided rather than praised. That quote made sense in the moment, but it's a risky proposition for someone on the losing end to question things without sounding bitter. Looking back, Marion's words only sound desperate down 3-0.

The same can be said of game two, where the lead continued to change late in the game and Jason Terry missed two buzzer beaters to tie the game at the end of regulation. As for the third, it was complete dominance from beginning to end.

Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle was upset after the los, saying that just switching venues and being back at home in Dallas is not enough. The team also has to respond on the court.

"We've played very well the first two games but we come away empty because we just haven't been able to make one extra play," Carlisle said. "We've got to turn that in Game 3, and it's not as simple as just coming home. We have to make it happen."

The Mavs have at least one more chance to right the ship as they play Game 4 in Dallas on Saturday.

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