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Oklahoma City Thunder's NBA Title Window Is Wide Open For Years To Come

The Oklahoma City Thunder were among the favorites to win the 2012 NBA title heading into the year before the season started. As they have the defending champion Dallas Mavericks on the ropes down 3-0 heading into the fourth game tonight, they're making good on that promise. Unfortunately for the rest of the NBA, that dominance will not be changing anytime soon.

Perhaps no team has a window open for them for long-term dominance like the Thunder. OKC has built an incredible roster constructed with top-shelf developing talent, good chemistry and a perfect salary structure that has enabled the team to keep several stars over the next few years. In short, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook and company will continue to grow together as they take over the NBA.

ESPN's Tom Haberstroh recently put together a look at the "windows" for the teams competing for the title this season. He saysno one comes close to what the Thunder can possibly do in the future.

Haberstroh writes, "Like the Bulls of yesteryear, the Thunder will be capped out before they know it. But contrary to the Bulls, the Thunder haven't come close to approaching their ceiling. No team can compete with the Thunder in terms of budding and championship-ready talent. For that reason, their window isn't just wide open, there isn't a window pane to shut at this point."

OKC truly has something special, and the Mavericks are watching it unfold first hand in the first round of the 2012 playoffs.

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