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Jason Terry Broke Every Broom In His House To Prevent A Thunder Sweep Of The Mavericks

Some people will do whatever it takes to prevent their team from losing, but will your favorite player go to extremes to prevent their team from getting swept? Jason Terry is up for the cause.

With the Dallas Mavericks facing potential elimination on behalf of the Oklahoma City Thunder and a 3-0 deficit, the chants of "SWEEP" have been significant from the Thunder faithful. So how does Jason Terry feel about that?

"I broke every broom in the house. That's a little superstition, so I don't think there will be any sweeps going on." - Mavericks Guard Jason Terry

Well, alright then. I guess breaking all the brooms in your own house is a start, but can you break all the brooms in the arena, in the fan's hands, and even your mama's broom? Challenge accepted.

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