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Mark Cuban Promises Mavericks 'Will Be Back', Whatever That Means

The Dallas Mavericks were supposed to go a lot farther than the first round of the 2012 NBA playoffs. Even without analyzing match-ups, the defending champions are supposed to do just that -- defend. Instead, Dirk Nowitzki's veteran team couldn't catch a break in the first two games of the series against the Oklahoma City Thunder, and then they were beaten on all levels in the final two to find themselves shaking their heads after being swept.

After the game, Mavericks iconic owner Mark Cuban took to Twitter to express his hopes next season despite the early exit.

The team is definitely going to be back next season. The NBA will still play in 2012-13 and as of right now, the Dallas Mavericks are still slated to be an official franchise. They have a lease with a stadium, players under contract and fans who will likely still turn out. Cuban is absolutely right to say it.

Whether they will be back in the playoffs or in the title game or other places is still yet to be determined. But Cuban is correct in his prediction that the Mavericks have not played their final game in franchise history.

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