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Bomani Jones Previews Potential Thunder Vs. Lakers Series

The Los Angeles Lakers still have to win one more game, but if they can finish off the Denver Nuggets, their series against the Oklahoma City Thunder has the potential to be the best of the postseason.

As Bomani Jones of SB Nation says, it has been a long time since a playoff series has provided a matchup like the Lakers and the Thunder.

Even if there weren't the World Peace-James Harden angle, Thunder-Lakers is the most fascinating matchup of an upstart and stalwart since Pistons-Celtics in ‘87.

Jones adds that the Lakers have a distinct edge in experience with Kobe Bryant and head coach Mike Brown. On the contrary, the Thunder's only player that has been to the NBA Finals is Derrick Fisher.

The Lakers will look to close out the Nuggets on Tuesday.

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