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Kendrick Perkins Injury Update: Could Be Out 10 To 14 Days, According To Report

The Oklahoma City Thunder could end up starting their Western Conference Semifinals series against the Los Angeles Lakers without their starting center Kendrick Perkins. Of course, the Lakers have to finish off the Denver Nuggets first, which leaves the Thunder hoping that the Nuggets can at least stall the Lakers until Perkins hip gets healthy, which according to a report could take 10 to 14 days.

"Perkins' return to play will be based on his progress and recovery in the coming days," the read a press release from the team.

But Thunder beat writer thinks there's a chance the injury could be more severe than a day-to-day diagnosis.

Thunder coach Scott Brooks, speaking hypothetically on Monday, said that if there was a Game 5 between the Thunder and Mavs Perkins probably wouldn't be able to play. That revelation, coupled with both Perk being unable to return to Game 4 and the Thunder's ambiguous announcement Sunday, gives the impression that Perk's injury is somewhat serious. I'm just reading tea leaves here.

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