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VIDEO: Metta World Peace Didn't Call James Harden Because He Might Play Him Again

Metta World Peace is calling himself a retro player after landing that elbow to the back of James Harden's dome. World Peace was on Conan O'Brien Monday night and said he hadn't been in direct contact with Harden because of the likelihood of them playing against each other again the Western Conference playoffs.

"I called some third parties, and they told me he was OK. But not him, because I might have to play him in the playoffs, so I don't want to talk to him," World Peace said.

There was also the issue of former players coming down hard on World Peace, which he took some time to respond to. When asked about his thoughts on the seven-game suspension that's kept him out of the playoffs so far, World Peace said he was more concerned about former players who at one point approved of throwing elbows, criticizing him.

World Peace didn't come out and explicitly say who he was talking about, but one commentator who he did play with is TNT's Reggie Miller. Check out the video right here.

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