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Thunder-Spurs: Lil Wayne Denied Entrance To Game 3 In Oklahoma City

The San Antonio Spurs are typically called boring and seem to lack the celebrity flavor of a Jay-Z courtside for the Nets or the celebrities that are always on-hand at a Knicks or Lakers game. However, Gregg Popovich has somehow inspired Lil Wayne's allegiance -- so much so that he tried to follow the team to Oklahoma City to root the Spurs on for game three last night. Unfortunately, the overly-tattooed rapper couldn't get into the game.

In a text message to ESPN, the rapper wrote, "They denied me the tix. Didnt want me in their arena. They also said if I do come, I can only sit behind the bench, not on the floor & that I wouldn't be able to get any special escort nor entrance. They said its the 'Oklahoma way'."

The team responded with a statement that Wayne only wanted a front row seat and that they were all taken. Nothing like a little rap drama in two states that celebrate Wynonna Judd more than any rap artist.

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