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2012 NBA Finals: Lil Wayne Will Sit Courtside At Miami Heat-Oklahoma City Thunder

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For all of the whining and complaining that Lil Wayne did about not being able to get into the Western Conference Finals, the rapper apparently found a way to secure two courtside tickets to the 2012 NBA Finals game one between the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The ruckus that Lil Wayne caused last time around came because he could not get tickets to attend the Thunder's playoff games against the San Antonio Spurs because they were, wait for it... sold out. Amazing how that works. There's a limited supply of something and then they are all gone. Someone inquires about something after it's gone and then cries over it. Generally that's called childish to a certain point, but Wayne's somehow gotten off easy by throwing out comments about racism.

Nevertheless the rapper has found his way courtside and should now be happy with a series as potent as this one.

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