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2012 NBA Finals: Thunder Guard Reggie Jackson Visits Shooting Victim

Norman "Michael" Richards III, who was shot in Bricktown after Oklahoma City's series-clinching win over the Lakers, received a hospital visit from Thunder reserve guard Reggie Jackson last week, Jackson saying he felt "compelled" to do so.

"The shooting, for everybody, ruined the whole glee of winning," Jackson said. "He's a die-hard Thunder fan and he was out here supporting us, and a tragedy happened. I felt like I had to check up on him and see how he was doing.
"He has great support (from family and friends), but I wanted him to know he has the support of this team, also. We'll stick with him. He's an inspiration to the team."

This is just another one of the cases of down-to-earth humility that has come to be associated with this Thunder team, which makes seemingly the sentimental favorite of the NBA Finals against the overtly glamorous Miami Heat.

Not to trivialize this gesture, though. Senseless violence obviously has no place in sports.

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