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2012 NBA Finals, Thunder Vs. Heat Game 1: OKC Takes First Lead Into Fourth Quarter

There will be no shortage of drama in Game 1 of the 2012 NBA Finals. Heading into the fourth quarter, the Thunder lead the Heat 74-73.

OKC began the second half trailing by seven, but the Thunder slowly chipped away at Miami's lead in the quarter, evening the game at 60 with 6:43 to play in the quarter. The Heat answered with a small 11-6 run, but the Thunder scored the final six points of the half. A Russell Westbrook free throw with 16 seconds remaining gave OKC its first lead of the night.

Westbrook scored 12 points in the half and has 21 for the game on 7-for-17 shooting, along with seven assists and two rebounds. Kevin Durant has 19 points. The Heat have been led by LeBron James' 23 points, along with seven rebounds, four steals and three assists.

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