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Kevin Durant Bests LeBron James In Game 1 Of Superstar Showdown

The 2012 NBA Finals is technically between the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder. But to listen to the media, it comes down to the two superstars involved: Kevin Durant and LeBron James. If game one is any indication, the media partially got it right, seeing as how both players dominated for their respective teams. It also means that Kevin Durant won the first round of seven.

Durant was efficient and well-rounded, just like every night in this year’s playoffs, against the Heat with 36 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists. He shot well with 12 of 20 on the night and he elevated his game down the stretch. In short, he did everything you’d expect an elite NBA player to do.

On the flip side, LeBron did everything you could ask of him. His 30 points led the Heat and he even shot 11 of 24. It was poor, erratic shooting by his teammates Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh among others that did in the Heat. Still, if it comes down to the pair, Durant took game one in a rather unassuming fashion.

“That’s how it goes when I watch the NBA’s best scorer,” wrote ESPN’s Henry Abbott of his performance. “He always has more points than I think he does. Every time I notice him on offense, he’s doing something professional, unfussy and slick. But often he’s so professional, unfussy and slick that the bucket is scored before anything about the play has really registered.”

The workmanlike effort helped the team come back from a seven point halftime deficit and serve notice to the Heat heading into game two. Durant has taken the first round and it will be interesting to see LeBron’s response.

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