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2012 NBA Finals: LeBron James Vows 'We Will Make Adjustments' For Kevin Durant

Like it or not, the 2012 NBA Finals is a story of two superstars in Kevin Durant and LeBron James. The fact that the two combined for 66 points in game one should come as no surprise to those who've been watching them dominate thus far in the playoffs. And now that they face each other, it's clear that only one can claim his first NBA championship ring. So far, Durant is winning the head-to-head match-up.

LeBron James vows, however, that his team will make adjustments. He noted after the game that the plan fell apart after the first half.

"KD got a couple looks that we don't like," James said. "He had two transition threes that we gave up where he had nobody on him, and he had a couple jumpers that we didn't like either, with nobody on him. We need to make adjustments. We will make adjustments."

Durant finished with 36 points on the night to lead all scorers and much of that came with James guarding him at times. On the flip side, Durant was also assigned to LeBron, so the two will continue to lead the storylines of the series

"Kevin always wants to guard the best player," Oklahoma City coach Scott Brooks said. "He was guarding LeBron, and we felt that was a tough matchup. But he wanted to guard him."

Game two is Thursday night in Oklahoma City.

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