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2012 NBA Finals: The Lil Wayne Vs. Oklahoma City Series Continues

SB Nation NBA writer Tom Ziller - and anyone else paying attention - is completely confused by rapper Lil Wayne's allegiances and perceived sleights at the hands of various NBA teams and arena staffs.

Ziller notes that this is far from Weezy's first beef with a NBA team for his "treatment" during a game, and has complained about players from the Heat not greeting him before a game. He's made a spectacle of complaining about the Thunder and Chesapeake Arena staffers after having been turned away in the Western Conference Finals for - and this is a shocker - not having a ticket. Courtesy of the AP:

Lil Wayne caused a stir during the Western Conference finals when he posted on Twitter that the Thunder wouldn’t let him into their arena, with the team saying simply that he needed to buy tickets if he wanted to come. Lil Wayne then said he felt "unwanted" in Oklahoma City after the episode, even though Kevin Durant and James Harden had offered him tickets.

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