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2012 NBA Finals: Oklahoma City Thunder Remain Hard At Work

Scott Brooks isn't letting his Oklahoma City Thunder rest on their laurels after winning Game 1 of the 2012 NBA Finals. Channeling his inner Bill Belichick, Brooks held a film session prior to Game 2 to illustrate what the Thunder must do a better job with on Thursday night, if they're going to take a 2-0 series lead headed to Miami.

"We had a film session just to clean up some things that we feel that we need to do going into tomorrow night's game and we looked at some of the things that we did well," Brooks said. "We looked at what they did. It's always been our philosophy is just coming in, doing your work, trying to get better little by little and we still have a chance to do that, even in a Playoff series. We can do that, we did that all Playoffs long and we still want to keep working on things, the adjustments that we have to do."

Oklahoma City's hard working mentality is a large part of the reason why the Thunder are even in the NBA Finals. It's certainly no surprise that they're remaining diligent.

It's certainly something the players have bought into, too. Speaking of practice (yes, we're talking about practice), Russell Westbrook said:

"They've done a lot," Westbrook said. "It has helped us mature as players, as leaders of this organization. It's helped us win a lot of games this year and it's helping us win games now. Hopefully we can continue to do that."

Hopefully for the Thunder and Thunder fans, that hard work pays off with a Game 2 win on Thursday night.

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