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NBA Finals 2012: OKC Thunder Won't Change Starters For Game 3 Versus Miami Heat

The Oklahoma City Thunder have toyed with various line-ups this season while keeping the same stars on the floor most of the time. The team could shift things in the middle at center or even at shooting guard if they want, but apparently Scott Brooks is fine with his starting five despite the game two loss 100-86 against the Miami Heat in the 2012 NBA Finals.

When asked about shifting his line-up, he acted as if that wasn't even an option.

"No, not at all," Brooks said. "We just lost 30 minutes ago, so I just think we were missing shots. We didn't come out with the defensive toughness, the disposition that we need to play with. We have to do that first, and then if it doesn't work, then we'll think about doing other things. But right now we have to play better from the very start."

He's right about playing better from the start. The team went down early to the Heat and left the first quarter down by 12. The team had to come back from another deficit in game 1 and it's clear that the Thunder are setting a precedent of putting themselves in a hole early, making a tough situation that much harder.

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