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Thunder Must Avoid Early Deficit Against Heat To Win Game 3 At Miami

The Oklahoma City Thunder and Miami Heat are tied with one win apiece in the 2012 NBA Finals, and game three in Miami is Sunday night. But the Thunder could easily be up by two games at this point if it wasn't for the early deficit they seem to put themselves in during games. In game two, it was a hole that Kevin Durant and company couldn't dig themselves out of.

In the first quarter of game two, the Heat went up 27-15. They came back to almost win the game, but that sort of early deficit is unacceptable, especially at home. The game quickly got out of control and it spiralled just a bit too far out of reach. Royce Young of the Daily Thunder says it's to blame for the team's woes so far in the series.

I think they're trying too hard, if that's believable. I think they want to get off to such a fast start, to try and bury the Heat, that they're overdoing it. They're pressing, playing tight and trying to go on 8-0 runs each individual possession. The Thunder are best when the game comes naturally, in flow and rhythm. When they force the issue, whether that's Westbrook, Durant or anyone else, it doesn't work as well. I would add this too though: It has something to do with the starting five. Not everything, but something.

Scott Brooks team can change things when they head into Miami tonight for game three.

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