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2012 NBA Finals: Kevin Durant Says Thunder 'Have To Seize The Moment'

Kevin Durant is not buying the dynasty hype. Even when he's surrounded by talents like Russell Westbrook and James Harden, he still doesn't believe the talk that has NBA fans and media talking about a potentially great run with several NBA titles. Despite disposing of the Lakers, Mavericks and Spurs to get to this point, Durant believes the NBA features enough competition that they must take care of things now.

"Nothing is guaranteed with the way this league is going with so many great teams," Durant said. "You never know. This is a great opportunity for us. We have to seize the moment and be ready."

It's easy to love the talent and youth of the Oklahoma City Thunder and see how they're constructed for the long run, but Durant is right to focus on the present. OKC head coach Scott Brooks has his players focusing on the right things and it's easy to see why they've done as well as they have. To finish the job ahead of them against the Miami Heat, they will have to stay that focused.

"I think when we put ourselves in this position it was about seizing the moment and taking advantage of this great opportunity," Derek Fisher said. "There are really no guarantees. I don’t think anybody in this building can promise these guys that they’ll be back in the Finals in the future in their careers. So it’s just about enjoying this and taking advantage of it now and getting the most out of it."

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